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Summer is nearly over...

If you love the beauty of Italy, don't miss the second volume of this charming concept "Dolce Vita" meaning "Sweet life"

Take a cup of cappuccino and enjoy!

Last Aliens In Rio - Pétalas Elétricas

Not only updating the genre, but also adding electronic music elements to the bossa-jazzy music, Last Aliens in Rio or Felipe Lion has just released a new electronic bossa single named Pétalas Elétricas after the successes of the former albums. 

Listen to his new single just by a click!


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FabLab - Two

With distinct rock vibe, softer and more intimate tracks, the new exclusive English album for the international audience from Fablab - an Italian rock band has just been released. 
Listen to stories and imbue cinematic imagery through those special melodies right here.


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Valter Paiola Orchestra - Califano Latino

Valter Paiola is a percussionist specialized in cuban music who's been playing with Califano - a very well known Italian singer and brilliant writer/composer of pop hits. 
Let’s enjoy their hits in latin style.

Salvatore Gebbia - Raccontami

Salvatore's beautiful piano music has been used on BBC documentaries.
Have a listen to his 4th melodious album named “Raccontami” right here.


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Mortale - Cause And Effect

An EP from Brazilian Progressive House / Electronic project of Mortale is worth giving an extra listen, inventive, suggestive, and dynamic.


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